I bricchetti il FAGGETTO sono la soluzione ideale per te.

Used by professional pizza chefs the world over with guaranteed hygiene, performance and quality

Il Faggetto briquettes are the ultimate fuel for wood-fired pizza ovens

Environmentally friendly, low emission cooking is achieved with this innovative wood fuel which combines the best of tradition with modern technology. Developed specifically for use in pizza ovens, thanks to the unique composition and high energy content, you quickly reach the ideal temperature and maintain it for a long time. With a low moisture content of less than 8%, clean and efficient combustion, with lower flue soot, is assured. Thanks to their octagonal shape, they are easy to handle, easy to position in the oven, and won’t roll around. They are manufactured from 100% pure Beech chippings, compressed to a higher density than natural Beech wood, which burn more efficiently that traditional wood logs. A consistent product, giving excellent results time after time, and offering excellent value for money. Il Faggetto is a sterile product, compliant with health and hygiene legislation, and certified for cooking food. With chemical and bacteriological analyses, they are the perfect choice for state-of-the-art cooking. Finally, packed in an 18kg cardboard box containing 8 briquettes, storage is easy, tidy and clean.
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