The briquette “il Faggetto” favors the optimal conditions for a perfect heat cycle following a few simple steps. IGNITION
T IGNITION FOR OVENS UP TO 150 cm. Lay 2 “faggetti” logs (as shown) and light with 2 – 3 Natural Firelighters.
DOUBLE T IGNITION FOR OVENS OVER 150 cm Lay 3 “faggetti” logs (as shown) and light with 3 – 4 Natural Firelighters.
After approximately 20 minutes the “faggetto” log will break. Move the logs to the side of the oven used for the re .
Cooking time will be reached after approximately 30-40 minutes.
To generate additional ame, tap the “faggetto” log with the shovel to break it.
Whilst cooking, use 1 log every 40-50 minutes. During breaks in cooking, i break the log into smaller pieces, placing them in an upright position, in order to maintain oven temperature.