Briquette 100% pure beech

The beechwood contains no impurities, no bark, neither adhesives nor hydrocarbons, nor any type of aggregating additive. Discover all the advantages of the first BIOMASS PLUS certified briquette.

Ultra compact

Thanks to the unique production technology is the hardest and most compact on the market

Humidity ≤ 8%

The “il Faggetto” briquette allows to reach the perfect temperature in less time.


Reduces emissions of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere, and even the soot in the chimney.

Octagonal solution

Ensures manageability and stability by preventing rolling in the stalls.


With the same weight and size it exceeds by far the best traditional wood.

The highest radiating power

Ideal for cooking in the refractory oven because it allows cooking not only for conduction and induction, but also for radiation.

Constant temperature

It makes it much better than traditional wood because it is pure virgin wood essence of the best beech.


Tested and certified by chemical and bacteriological analysis for food cooking.

Simplified storage

Each box weighs 18 kg and contains 8 briquettes allowing ease of storage, order and cleaning under the oven.
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